PSA sends a Peugeot 307 Hybride to the Challenge Bibendum

Besides the entries from Daimler, Volkswagen and Renault/Dacia, Peugeot has also sent a green model to the Challenge Bibendum in Shanghai. The model is the Peugeot 307 Hybride, which matches a hybrid system to a diesel engine that is certified to run on biodiesel in blends up to B30 (ok, PSA: Put it on sale, maintenant!).

The model is based on the current 1.6 liter diesel which is one of the top-selling diesel engines in Europe (you can see it in the Mini, the Ford Focus, the Volvo S40, the Peugeot 308, the Citroën C4 and the Citroën C4 Picasso) and is, in fact, one of the cleanest diesels available in the market. For this model, Peugeot added a hybrid system (not new) and filled the tank with diester (the French name for B30). The result: 74 grams of CO2 per kilometer.

[Source: PSA]

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