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Barcelona Motor Show: A hybrid can be also a sexy convertible

We have spoken here already about the more than possible first Peugeot hybrid car, and it seems that it's a very plausible possibility, at least for Europeans, to enjoy that powertrain in the upcoming 308.

During the Barcelona International show, we had the pleasure to see (ok, I admit it, to drool over) one of the concepts, this time installed on the 307 previous model, currently on sale, of the hybrid powertrain. And it fills quite a few checkboxes on a wish list: 1.6 L HDI engine (with particulate filter) mated to a hybrid powertrain with a semiautomatic gearbox. It's good for 3.4 l / 100 km (yes, 70 mpg) and 90 CO2 g/km. And it also yells "Je roule au diester" (I run on biodiesel).

So we had to take a few pictures to drool at.
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