Spy Shots: 2009 Mercedes CLC Sport Coupe

New spy shots have emerged of Mercedes' little C-Class 2-door, the newly renamed CLC Sport Coupe according to WorldCarFans. The front looks to get the same face as the new C-Class, but otherwise doesn't appear to bring anything especially exciting to the party. The interior is the same one that's been doing duty for years now, and the car is expected to use innards from the previous C just to keep the price down. We can expect new engines, including a fairly powerful V6 that should get this hatchback up and going with gusto.
We think Mercedes-Benz is missing a big opportunity to take on the BMW 1-Series in the very entry-level luxury sports car class that's just starting to get interesting. Clearly, however, a game of one-on-one with BMW in this segment isn't of interest to the Benz boys and girls, as the investment is this new CLC Sport Coupe appears to be minimal.

[Source: WorldCarFans]

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