Chrysler adding stop/start systems to vehicles

Chrysler's Frank Klegon says that we should expect to see the incorporation of stop/start systems in a number of vehicles "pretty soon," according to Automotive News. They'd be marketed as "micro hybrid" systems (showing that automakers will jump at absolutely anything to be able to apply the term "hybrid" to a product). The so-called micro hybrids simply kill the engine when the car's stopped, and according to Chrysler, this can net drivers a 5% gain in fuel economy without their having to do anything. (Except spend some money. Cost per vehicle would be "several hundred dollars.") Klegon also notes that more mild hybrid systems and additional 2-Mode implementations are in the works, as well. What say you good readers? Would you pay $300 for a 5% gain in fuel economy?

[Source: Automotive News - sub req'd]

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