Guangzhou Automobile Group shows off the A-HEV, a Torino-designed hybrid

The last time we wrote about the Torino Design studio in Italy, it was to take a peek at their Prius of the Future challenge. Those cars were pretty far out there, but that's to be expected when designers are looking to predict what the Prius will look like in 2015. Heck, for some people, today's Prius is too outlandish. The Torino studio is responsible for a less crazy hybrid design unveiled today at the Guangzhou Auto Show by the Chinese Guangzhou Automobile Group (GAC).

The A-HEV (which stands for automobile hybrid electric vehicle, according to Automotive News (subs req'd)) won't ever see production, but GAC asked Torino to design "a vehicle capable of addressing new styling trends with a muscular and dynamic body, plus a minimalist interior." I think the more aerodynamic minivan quality of the A-HEV looks pretty good, and almost wish that darker stripe on the side was faux wood paneling. That'd be a hit.

More information available from AN and there's a photo of the interior of the car after the break.

[Source: Luca Ciferri / Automotive News Europe]

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