H.A.L.O.? Waterfall? Forum? Check out these Priuses of the Future

It must be fun to design cars of the future. I mean, a completely orange windshield? That's totally futuristic. Students in the Three Year post-diploma Transportation Design – car design Course at the Istituto Europeo di Design di Torino have completed work on three Prius of the future concepts. From left to right in the montage above we have the Forma, the H.A.L.O. and the Waterfall (you can see each car in full by clicking on the thumbnails below). I see hints of the Trivia Pursuit scoring disc wheels in the Waterfall, but the most unusual design is in the Forma which has a spherical hump on the rear. The powerplants of these fanciful designs are left to the imagination, but as the project was to design "The Prius of 2010-2015," we can guess that they are meant to be green machines. Whaddya think, would you drive one of these?

[Source: Ufficio Stampa, Istituto Europeo di Design di Torino]

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