Acura RL redesign seeking to address slow sales

Acura's RL has never fared well in a marketplace rife with V8s and rear-wheel-drive, but according to dealers, the next iteration of the brand's flagship sedan might finally bring it up to the level of its competitors. However, a story in Automotive News doesn't shed much light on what's in store.

Dealers believe that a major makeover is coming, but when AN talked to Dan Bonawitz, the veep of corporate planning and logistics over at Honda, he said the that RL was due for a mid-term change, which would imply that it might simply benefit from some new sheetmetal. An Acura dealer in Pittsburgh confirmed as much, saying that the new model will get a redesigned body, but little else was divulged.

In order for Acura to compete with the Bimmers and Benzs of the world, they'll have to ditch the AWD and V6, and instead equip the new model with V8 power being sent to the rear wheels. When that will come and whether Acura will develop an all new platform remains to be seen.

[Source: Automotive News – Sub. Req.]

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