Ski resorts considering biodiesel for Snowcats

We all agree that global warming is caused by too much greenhouse gas in the air, right? And global warming can deal a serious blow to the skiing season. Therefore, it shouldn't be all that surprising to hear that at least some ski resorts in the Western U.S. are considering ways to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Two of these are on Vail and Beaver Creek mountains, where the idea is to use biodiesel in the fleet of snowcats.

According to the Vail Trail, the Vail resorts are considering using the biofuel in part because Aspen resorts have been using B20 in the snowcats for at least five years, even though the biodiesel costs a bit more. One issue, of course, considering where and when this biodiesel will be used, is gelling. Beaver Creek is doing a lot of research into fuel blends that will work in the cold temperatures, a spokeswoman told the Vail Trail. Some ski resorts also use biodiesel as a backup fuel for the generators that power the ski lifts.

If you're a ski bunny or a biodiesel lover, hit the Vail Trail for more on greening the slopes.

[Source: Steve Lynn / The Vail Trail via Domestic Fuel]

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