Like father like sons: Mansell boys sign for Champ Car Atlantic series

History, they say, has a habit of repeating itself. That's certainly the way things have been looking in recent years as some of the greatest racing names in motorsport history have been making a comeback. But instead of the legends squeezing their aging selves into new racing equipment like so many sardines, it's the younger generation that's been hitting the scene lately.

Gilles Villeneuve's embattled son Jacques, it pains this Montrealer to say, may have turned out to be a bit of a disappointment in recent years, notwithstanding his earlier F1 and Indy titles. But Bruno Senna, nephew of the legendary Ayrton, has been working his way up the ranks, as has Freddie Hunt, son of '76 F1 champion James Hunt. Nico Rosberg has already made it into Formula One, following in the footsteps of his '82 world champion father Keke.

The next big thing in racing dynasties, however, is coming with back-up. Nigel Mansell's sons Greg (20) and Leo (22) are boarding the ark two by two to cross the Atlantic for next year. The brothers have been working their way up the racing ladder together, competing in the British series Formula BMW last year after just half a year racing in karts. Like their father who won the CART title in 1993, the pair has confirmed that they're coming stateside to compete in the Champ Char Atlantic Series, joining BMW-backed Canadian driver Kevin Lacroix for a three-car Walker Racing team in 2008. Some good ol' Mansell-style racing is one bit of history we don't mind repeating.

[Source: Auto Week]

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