Recently, I wrote about a claim by Jeremy Clarkson that the Porsche 911 Turbo could actually clean the air. A comment to that article referenced a video by Saab about a system called Trionic that you could say cleans the air by "digesting" it. In The video demonstration above, the amount of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons in the exhaust of a Saab car with Trionic and an older, dirtier burning car are measured. A pipe is put over the exhaust of the older car that leads to the air intake of the Saab with Trionic. What happens?

The Trionic car's emissions increases at first but then the Trionic system detects the increase of CO and hydrocarbons, and the emissions goes down. So, yes, it's conceivable that Porsche has developed similar technology and while the promotional video is from 1992, Trionic seems to be available in Saab cars you can buy today. The car is really just burning fuel older cars did not burn so you probably get better mileage in polluted cities because you are getting free fuel from the air. ... That's a seriously disturbing thought.

[Source: Google Video via Phoenexius]

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