Following the recent debut of the Vectrix electric scooter at the Alt Car Expo, their new "superbike" concept debuted to an odd choice of music at the Milan motor show. Vectrix themselves have not yet posted any information on it on their website yet, but according to Motorcycle News, this "superbike" can reach 125 mph. The reason I have "superbike" in quotes is because, unfortunately, the only thing super about it is its looks - more cut from the standard crotch-rocket mold than the EV-X7, but just as cool - as you can only go 43.5 miles on a charge. That means if you're planning on going a distance, get to that top speed as fast as you can so you can coast the rest of the way after the battery dies.

In reality, bikes like these are rarely used to go great distances, so Vectrix may have a winner here. Vectrix says they can start building them if they get 500 deposits, so start saving your pennies... or sell plasma so you'll make less of a mess if you wipe out.

[Source: Motorcylce News]

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