UK speeders may face significantly steeper penalty

Sucks to be you if you're a UK driver with a heavier than average right... wait, left foot. A proposal's on the table to significantly increase the penalty for speeding in Great Britain, including a larger fine and twice as many points added to your license. Under the new penalty structure, drivers going 45 mph or more in a 30 mph zone, 57 mph or over in a 40 mph zone or 94 mph and over in a 70 mph zone will be slapped with a £100 fine ($209.10 USD) and six-points on their license. That's up from the £60 fine ($125.50 USD) and three-point penalty given for current violations. Also under consideration is a new classification for minor traffic infringements that would carry a smaller £40 fine and two-point penalty. Any way you look at it, breaking the speed limit on British roadways is set to become an increasingly bad idea.
[Souce: 4Car]

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