Leakage: '09 Nissan Murano pics hit the forums

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Ahead of its planned LA Auto Show debut, Nissan's 2009 Murano is doing the sneak preview thing courtesy of the NICOclub forums where these pics originated. They've since been posted on GM Inside News and FreshAlloy.com, as well. Clearly not wanting to mess with success, the CUV's general overall shape, as well as that of its side glass, is fundamentally the same. The '09 gets more muscular, Rogue-ish wheel flares, taillamps that extend into the rear hatch, and a new front end that makes silver Muranos look kinda like the updated Cylon centurions from Battlestar Galactica. We don't get a good view of the passenger cabin, other than to see a panoramic roof is obviously an option. Hopefully the current car's chintzy-looking gauge cluster got flushed in the revamp, too.

[Source: NICOclub.com]

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