Kia Kee Concept crashes on its way to LA

Remember the Kia Kee Concept that made its world debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September? While on its way to California to make its North American debut at the LA Auto Show next week, the car dubbed the "new face of Kia" wriggled out of its cargo restraints and slammed nose first into the front wall of its transporter. Kia spokesman Alex Fedorak said the car has already been sent back to Italy, properly secured this time, and will not make it back for the LA Auto Show. The impromptu bit of rhinoplasty may have improved the Kee Concept's face, which you might recall we weren't particularly impressed with. It does, however, recall the visage of a Cylon Raider from the Battlestar Galactica series. That makes two BS references for us today, and we promise it'll be our last.

[Source: Inside Line]

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