Tesla's new $5,000 wait list for 2009 Roadster

Quite a few people have paid a hefty sum to be on the waiting list for the upcoming Tesla Roadster. Tesla Motors has already taken enough orders that the 2008 model year is "sold out," but there is still a chance that someone who signs up for a Roadster now will get a 2008 car. So how do you get on the list? It's pretty simple, just find $5,000 and send it to Tesla as a "wait list payment." If you pony up the $5,000 right now, you can expect to get a Roadster in late 2008 (if you're lucky) or, more likely, some time in 2009.

I forget exactly how Tesla's pre-order list worked in the past and if this $5,000 has always been the entry price for the Roadster waiting list. I don't think so, and the AutoblogGreen archives and Google help me out. Back in July, the San Jose Mercury News' Matt Nauman wrote:

At this point, buyers can put down either $50,000, which gets them a car by July of 2008, or $30,000, which gets them a car whenever all the folks who put down $50,000 have their car. On the Tesla Web site, these two tiers of depositers are described as a "Premium Buyer" and a "Patient Buyer."

What would you call the people who send in $5,000 now?

[Source: Tesla Motors vis Inside Line]

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