How'd that get there? Transmission shop finds cremated remains in Buick

Ultimately, someone was going to notice that Izetta Dickerson's remains (and the gold-and-black urn in which they were stored) weren't where they belonged. As it happens, somebody did notice, but it wasn't one of her relatives. It was a worker at a Charleston, SC transmission shop, and he discovered the remains in the back seat of a '92 Buick Park Ave that'd been sitting in the parking lot for months after being towed in.

The shop owner had recently bought the car from its owner (who had let it sit there all that time) for $80, and one of his employees made the discovery on Tuesday after going through the stuff left behind. Fortunately, the urn was labeled, and through the city coroner's office the deceased's sister was tracked down at her out-of-state home. (The relative known to be the last person in possession of the ashes was not named.) Now that she's aware of the situation, the sister has agreed to handle burial arrangements for Ms. Dickerson, who can finally rest in peace, presumably somewhere more appropriate than a '92 Buick with transmission problems.

[Source: The Post and Courier]

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