Shelby Terlingua Mustang adds one more to the fray

Uncle! UNCLE! Here's the scoop. Shelby's dusting off another name from the 1960s to affix to the flanks of yet another clapped out version of Ford's Mustang. Damn. Was it like this back in the day, too? Terlingua was a racing team in the 1960s that campaigned a GT350 with ferocious bunny livery. The new Terlingua models dropped at SEMA (which might as well stand for Simply Everything Mustang Always), and they're actually pretty intriguing. We'll forego the bestickered body baubelization, but in the engine room, they've gotten creative.

Rather than focus all the attention on the GT, the base V6 gets some lovin' from the Terlingua package. $7,995 buys you handling and braking upgrades as well as a supercharger that helps the V6 churn out 375 hp. That's one we'd love to sample. Armchair quarterbacking postulates that it might be a bit more nimble than a GT, with a slightly less massive mill and possibly superior weight distribution, but of course, we're just blowing sunshine without actually looking at hard numbers. Ain't speculation fun? Of course, the obligatory 20-inch rims probably do more to hinder performance, but they rev up the style, if that's your thing. Other Terlingua goodies are a continuation 1967 Mustang with more modern engineering, and a specially tweaked '65 427 Cobra.

[Source: Autoweek]

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