Poll shows us the obvious: Americans heart renewable fuels

A poll conducted by the Clean Fuels Development Coalition over nearly 2,200 people says that 88 percent of adults are of the opinion that the U.S. should pursue alternative fuels to decrease our dependence on foreign oil. Really?? Amazing. More interestingly, 72 percent of adults blame the increase of food costs on the price of oil increasing. My favorite statistic is this: "Other results indicate that nearly eight in 10 adults (78 percent) believe usage of ethanol would lessen the country's dependence on foreign oil." Wow. Not only are we using a substantial survey to state the obvious, but astonishingly 22 percent of those surveyed don't think using ethanol reduces usage of foreign oil. They either don't know what ethanol is or they understand the complicated petro-heavy production process required to make today's corn ethanol.

Anyway, what is important about this survey is that it shows that the majority of Americans are behind the search for and advancement of alternative fuels. That, in turn, should tell our fearless leaders that they have our support to throw more funding at alternative fuel research and production, so we can kick our black gold guzzling addiction cold turkey. Oh, and deepen our national debt to do so.

[Source: Clean Fuels Development Coalition]

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