3 out of 4 Americans say: let's go for renewable fuels

According to a recent survey made by Renewable Fuels Now, 74 percent of Americans say that the US should increase domestic production of renewable fuels, including ethanol. The poll also mentions that Americans support the idea of the Federal Government helping develop the biofuel industry (87 percent) and increasing biofuel blends at the pumps (77 percent).

The article also mentions that Americans don't believe in the "tortilla effect" (that corn ethanol affects food prices) and more people mention other root factors for the price increase, for example higher oil prices (46 percent) and increased global demand (15 percent), than those who believe ethanol is guilty (7 percent).

The survey was released by Renewable Fuels Now, a coalition of associations and companies that includes the National Corn Growers Association. It was conducted in late October 2007 and surveyed 1,000 adults in the US.

Nevertheless, Ron Plain, a professor of agricultural economics at the University of Missouri, states that even if all the agricultural output in the US were used to produce biofuels, the country would still need 50 million gallons of gasoline to keep cars running. He also said "Ethanol can reduce the use of gasoline but it isn't going to replace it [...] We use too much gasoline to replace it with ethanol".

[Source: Cattle network via Ethanol Review]

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