GlycosBio says it can make ethanol cheaper, months away from commercialization

Glycos Biotechnologies Inc, a company started by two Rice University researchers, say they can make cheap ethanol from glycerin. Glycos' process and the feedstock for making ethanol from glycerin (a byproduct of biodiesel production) is about half the cost of making ethanol from corn. The researchers, Ramon Gonzalez and Syed Shams Yazdani, found the right mix for a known strain of Escherichia coli to convert glycerin into ethanol through an anaerobic fermentation process.

The company's website, if this is the company website, has nothing there. The investor's website, DFJ Mercury, say they are in "stealth mode." According to this article, the pilot is expected to be complete "by the beginning of 2008" and "once we have the pilot running and working properly, (commercialization) is a matter of months," said Gonzalez. So how much ethanol could they make? 168 million gallons of ethanol if every drop of glycerin was used. How much ethanol is produced in the U.S? ...about 5 billion gallons. Nice try anyway, guys.

The process can also produce hydrogen so there might be a fuel cell-usable byproduct.

[Source: Ethanol Producer, United Press International]

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