Arctic Vegwerks: biodiesel in Alaska has a blog

One thing most people know about biodiesel is that the fuel is not ideally suited for colder temperatures. This little hiccup does not (as I've mentioned before) slow down Alaska biodiesel fans. In fact, some homebrewers and VegOil advocates from the largest state in the union have just started an Alaska biodiesel blog, Arctic Vegwerks.
There are only a few posts up at the moment, and I believe the idea is to update weekly, so don't go looking for a rush of news from up north. What you can expect is some common sense advice on biodiesel in Alaska and some solid knowledge about what's up with vegetable-oil-based fuels in the state.

Take, for example, this post on what the National Biodiesel Board says vs. the reality of the situation. Even though the NBB pretty much comes out and says you can buy biodiesel in all 50 states, the local view is that:

Hmmmm.. I think the key word is "available." I've been promoting biodiesel in Alaska for years, and although there a a number of homebrewers, pilot/demonstration projects and enthusiastic entrepreneurs, I have yet to find biodiesel for sale in Alaska.

I mean no producers, no distributors, and no retailers. It's make it yourself or ship it up from Seattle.

There's more, and with the infrequent posts, if shouldn't be too hard to add this to your information input stream.

[Source: Arctic Vegwerks]

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