Cadillac CTS-V might get AWD, UK could be left out

Part of Cadillac's (latest) plan for resurgence is to offer products that target some of the machinery its rivals have honed to near-perfection over the years. We know that a CTS-V is in the works, likely to receive an LS7 heart transplant creating over 500 HP. Although the V's closest competitor was assumed to be the BMW M5, something more akin to the Audi drivetrain philosophy might be more accurate – at least according to Autocar.

An article on the Brit pub's website mentions that all-wheel-drive might be an option when the CTS-V comes to market, which makes sense considering it's already an option on the 3.6-liter model. Autocar's take on things primarily centered on the difficulty and expense of swapping the hotted-up CTS to right-hand-drive for consumers across the pond due to the complexity of the (possible) AWD setup. However, neither tidbit of information has been confirmed, so we'll just chalk it up to speculation for the time being.

[Source: Autocar]

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