SEMA 2007 Spotlight: Cosworth, you had us at low compression VQ35DE

Click the image above for more engine pr0n from Cosworth.

If you had the good fortune of being at the Cosworth booth in Vegas two years ago, all you'd see is a few Formula One engines and a number of talkative engineers. Oh, how 24 months and a development center in Torrence, CA can change things.

Aside from all the other goodies offered by the purveyors of ultra-high-performance engine components (Mitsubishi, Subaru and Ford, just to name a few), Cosworth is expanding its lineup to include both short- and long-block assemblies for the VQ35DE engine from Nissanfiniti. The modified block can be built with a new intake manifold, CNC ported and polished heads, performance rods and pistons, and all with your choice of either 11:1 or 8.8:1 compression ratio for high rev action or boosted applications.

Also on the stand was Cosworth's new Eaton, Roots-type MP62 blower for the Mazda MX-5, which comes complete with an air-to-water intercooler and OBDII flash unit that boosts output from 167 HP to 225 – although according to engineers, 300 HP is within reach. That unit will be on sale in February of next year and will come with the hefty MSRP of approximately $4,900.

When asked about the future, the nice gentleman from Cossie said that the company is developing parts for the Honda K-series of engines and will be working with the new Mitsubishi Evolution X when they get their hands on it.

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