SEMA 2007: Galpin Auto Sports Ford Fusion

The boys over at Galpin Auto Sports have made a name for themselves by creating some very over-the-top vehicles, and they've applied some of their handywork to a Ford Fusion we found at Ford's SEMA display that was particularly impressive. The 3.0-liter V6 has been pumped up to 400 horsepower via a turbocharger system and custom headers, which is always nice. The suspension, meanwhile, has been upgraded with H&R coilovers and Steeda Autosports front and rear sway bars. A 3d Carbon body kit is also accented with M&M Auto Arts Candy Orange racing stripes and custom black paint as well as a carbon fiber front splitter and rear wing. We also dig the new vented hood and the headlight covers that sculpt the Fusion's gaze into a mean scowl. Inside is a custom leather interior by Katzkin, a suede steering wheel and a custom 6-point roll cage. Yes, it's still a Fusion, but it's one seriously bad ass Fusion.

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