Kinda like Goldilocks: BioBox lets mid-level consumers make their own biodiesel

If you're interested in biodiesel but your company has too many trucks to brew your own biofuel in small Appleseed reactors and you're not big enough to be a large-scale producer, Pacific Natural Energy would like a word.
Specifically, the word is BioBox, a system that PNE says is "the perfect 'pie filling' for mid-sized companies to make their own biodiesel. BioBox is a mobile biodiesel production contraption that is made up of four 20-foot cargo containers (one for the reactor, one that's a hazmat storage container and two 6,000 gallon storage tanking systems). Hey, we didn't mean mobile like the iPhone is mobile.

Anyway, PNE thinks there's a need out there for this mid-size facility, and as I think about it, I'm inclined to agree. PNE's founder and CEO, Eric McLeod, said that, "There are an increasing number of biodiesel companies now, but these companies generally cater to small-scale experimenters and users, or multi-million dollar plants. I believe that mid-market biodiesel production has been completely overlooked."

[Source: Domestic Fuel]

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