eBay Halloween Find: Austrian Audi 80 sports Jeff Gordon costume

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Sure, it's not really a Halloween-specific item, but you can't argue with the timing. This Audi 80, which is located in Austria and currently up for auction on eBay, has been decorated to be an exact replica of Jeff Gordon's old NASCAR Winston Cup car, right down to the bowtie on the hood and Monte Carlo decal on the front bumper. (Well, okay, it's as exact a replica as a 4-door '91 Audi can be.)

According to the Google-translated listing detail (pasted after the jump), the car got its paint job as part of a rebuild in 2000. The entire finish is clearcoated, so there's no films or seams from the myriad logo decals, and the seller says that the finish is still in good shape overall. The interior is mostly stock-looking, and power comes from a 90 PS (88.7 HP) motor with roughly 47,000 km on it. The black wheels with the red-striped rims are pretty cool, and work with the whole NASCAR motif. It's not without issues, however. The seller reports it has a cracked exhaust, needs a rear lamp, has some small rust spots where stone strikes occurred, and has an ABS warning light that stubbornly keeps coming on.

While a 90-horse engine seems at odds with the overall stock car theme, we have a feeling that the owner understands at least one element: rubbin' ist racing. The current bid is € 371. Whether it's a trick or a treat is for you to determine.

Thanks to Derek for the tip.

[Source: eBay]

Google Translation from here.
Audi 80 Total conversion to Jeff Gordon's NASCAR car.

Because I like about this car very, very much, and I in a few weeks for a long time to go abroad, it would be important for me that the buyer is a connoisseur, or a Modder. --> But that does not mean that the car schrott .....

This vehicle was built in 2000 completely rebuilt. The entire body newly painted.

Engine and gearbox revised -- The complete renovation is documented with photos. (If the purchaser of course). Verbaut was a sports chassis, the Bremaanlage was also rebuilt. To Nascar rebuilding is still to say that the body down to the last detail with the Jeff Gordon reflects. All writings are equally appropriate and coated with clear lacquer. The colors are painted, and no films. The condition of the varnish is good.

On the Inside: Everything was Alcantara Imitation excessive. On the driver's side there is a bucket-seat sports. A 10 specialized CD changer, amplifier is also included.

New parts: During last Pickerl, a new radiator was installed and the brakes complete renewed.

The engine is a 90 hp Benzinmorot with a mileage of about 47000 km.

Now for the shortcomings:

Pickerl heard. Should not be a problem. A few weeks into my rear of a reingefahren. Optically is almost ncihts more visible. The right rear lamp has yet to be exchanged. Then istst again O.K.

Tires are from, and a few small rust agencies by Stone strikes, as they usually occur in all cars. Exhaust system is cracked, manifolds is O.K. Some problems, however, there is even with the ABS. Brakes good but he does now and the ABS warning light illuminates.

Generally, the vehicle is in good condition and should, in any case previously visited. Location is near Salzburg.

The car then within a week I picked. Verkauspreis is the fixed price. After negotiations No more! ! Fun bidder hear from my lawyer. I take no Garantei and warranties. Ebay I Auto Du.

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