SEMA 2007: Pontiac Solstice SD-290 live shots

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The Pontiac Solstice SD-290 is a tremendous red pixie of a single-seater. It's a slot car minus a slot, though it probably has much better throttle control since you don't have to drive it with your hand. A racer with nothing extraneous, it loses all that pesky fluff like a passenger seat, climate control, windshield (and of course, windshield wipers), and throws in the turbo 2.0L DI engine, tonneau cover, and a fire extinguisher.

The lump puts out 290 HP and the car rides on the already available Club Sport Z0K suspension and handsome but effective 19-inch wheels. Air meets the car at a beautiful, carbon-lipped front spoiler with microns of ground clearance. Then it swoops over the passenger side tonneau cover and through your hair, passing a peaked roll bar behind, then out over a plank of a spoiler. It's the kind of car that won't do you any good for the milk run, but if you want to run the track in your Pontiac D-Type, this is the go. Check out the gallery below for more pics of the solo Solstice.

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