Road & Track Tests the Shelby Super Snake

Road & Track has given the Shelby Super Snake its very first thrashing, and the first impression is good. For $28,000 over the price of a GT500 KR (R&T's as-tested price was $70,670), you get 50 more horses, two tenths taken off the 0-60, three tenths off the quarter and half a G more on the skidpad. You also get a lot of Shelby parts, Shelby build quality, Baer 6-piston stoppers, some carbon fiber body panels, and a juggernaut of a car that's still under the manufacturer warranty.

How's it drive? The Pirellis on the car apparently can't handle the power as well as RT would have liked, but what tire could? And Shelby is working on a stickier tire anyway. Outside of that, the verdict is yes. The car rips, roars, and snorts with all appropriate aplomb and vitesse. Speaking of roaring, RT does mention that conversations at speed can be challenging because of gear whine that causes 80 dBA of cacophony at 70 MPH. But the car does come with a 500-watt sound system, which should make enough noise to cancel that out. As if you'd really want to. Click the link to get the rest of the story.

[Source: Road & Track]

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