Lightweight Nissan GT-R V-Spec coming in 2010

Nissan is finally releasing the GT-R fun to the US market next summer, and the Franco-Japanese automaker has no intentions of sticking with only one model. We've heard rumors about a lightweight V-Spec GT-R for a while, and Nissan officials aren't even denying it. Carbon fiber and light-weight aluminum will take a vehicle that has posted a 911 Turbo-beating 7:38 lap at the 'Ring and kick it up a notch. Save 200 lbs. on a 480 HP ball of hell-fire, and an already explosive sports car can turn in some of the best clock times of its day.

While $68,000 will net you a super Nissan that challenges the likes of Porsche, a V-Spec edition will surely cost you quite a bit more. Something tells us there will be plenty of buyers waiting in line with their check books in hand, so Mr. Ghosn and company shouldn't spend much time worrying if they'll attracting enough customers.

[Source: Inside Line's Straightline]

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