Three flavors of Nissan GT-R, orders began in Japan yesterday

It cometh. Dealers in Japan opened the sluices on GT-R orders as of yesterday. Pre-ordering will be possible until October 24, when the car is revealed at the Tokyo Auto Show. Caveat emptor: anyone who signs his or her name on an order form will not be allowed to cancel that order. You sign, you buy.

And the three varieties of GT-R are again confirmed, with dealers actually having sales material in hand listing models and specs. The rundown we know of is the standard model at 480 HP and $57,000, a V-Spec for $67,000, and an EVO-spec with 530 HP, 200 fewer pounds and a $94,000 tag. The home team -- Japan, that is -- begins receiving deliveries in December.

[Source: 7tune]

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