EnerDel plans to sell affordable, lithium-ion battery in 2 years

EnerDel says they can make a lithium-ion battery for electric cars for just $1,500. That price for lithium-ion batteries is a lot lower than any price we have seen. Enerdel says it's hard to say right now how much they will cut prices but it should cost less or even half the price of traditional nickel-metal hydride batteries. The EnerDel battery chemistry is similar to Altair Nanotechnologies and has a lower operating temperature than A123 Systems.

Enerdel says you will start to see the batteries in cars by September 2009. USABC (United States Council for Automotive Research) in collaboration with the DOE awarded EnerDel $6.5 M contract to develop the battery for cars. Enerdel has already completed phase 1 of the 3-phase, 18-month program. Ulrik Grape, Chief Executive Officer of EnerDel says "we expect to deliver results that will meet and exceed the battery performance requirements of USABC and the DOE."

EnerDel is a member of the EDTA.

[Source: CNET]

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