Modec to start EV van exports to the Continent

The all-electric Modec compact delivery van, known for being the choice model for British supermarkets Tesco, has been shown to prospective buyers in Amsterdam (in a left-hand version) during the Dutch Road Transport Exhibition. Modec has just opened a new office in the Netherlands and the first Dutch customers are small companies in the metro area of Amsterdam.

This Modec van has a 102 HP electric motor which can compete with diesel-powered counterparts, although the maximum speed is limited to 80 km/h (50 mph). The maximum distance these vans can run is 160 km (100 miles), which is enough for local services. The truck uses lithium batteries.

The van is available in many configurations: truck, open truck, panel van, refrigerated truck. And it's a model designed from scratch for electric use, instead of being a conversion model. Looks like they're on to something here.

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[Source: Modec via Moteurnature]

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