Triumph launches the new 2008 Rocket III Touring

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In what seems like a natural progression, Triumph has unveiled a longer-legged version of its super-sized triple, the Rocket II Touring. Unless you consider the Gold Wing or BMW K-Series of bikes competition, the Rocket Touring will be vying for sales against Harley's line of V-Twin touring bikes, as well as the touring versions of cruisers from the Japanese brands. We think that the Rocket III makes a perfect starting point for a long-distance mount; in fact it makes more sense in this role than as a standard style bike as it was first introduced. The torque-rich motor will make for relaxed running at higher speeds and should allow for panic-free passing maneuvers. The frame and bodywork have all been revised and hard luggage has been added. We also find the new tank much more attractive than the one standard on other Rocket models.

Coming in at a buck less than $17 grand, the Rocket III Touring should offer plenty of rea$on$ to consider it over the Harley tourers. Those looking to be a bit different than the rest of the crowd will be rewarded with over 140 horsepower and 140 lb. ft. of torque, a good bit more than what's available in that price range elsewhere.

[Source: Triumph]

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