Save gas in style with the Regal Custom Craft scooter

I am totally in love with this scooter! The translation from Japanese is a little problematic, but I can definitely discern that this machine started life as a Japanese market Honda Forza scooter. The team removed all of the plastic body panels and made their own body from fiberglass, or fiber reinforced plastic (FRP). The end result manages to look both retro and futuristic at the same time and reminds me of the old Salisbury scooters. Again, I love it. It appears that the scooter was shown at the 28th annual Tokyo Motor Show and was then used in a movie. Another was made in a different color for a customer to be used as a commuter. Great work, and nobody would ever mistake it for a stock Honda!

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[Source: Regal Custom Craft via Bikes in the Fast Lane]

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