Tesla VP opines on Wall Street Journal EV article, the future is Diversity!

You might expect the Marketing VP of the best-known electric vehicle company in recent times to be promoting pure battery electrics as the only answer to our transportation problems. However, Darryl Siry is much more realistic and pragmatic than that. While he sees a growing market for electric cars in the coming years, Darryl acknowledges that both gasoline and diesel internal combustion will be with us for some time to come. More importantly the argument of parallel vs series vs plug-in hybrids is pointless because all have their place. Different tools for different jobs. On the topic of whether the Chevy Volt architecture is a hybrid or electric vehicle, you might be surprised to learn that Darryl agrees with GM that the Volt is an electric vehicle. Check out the rest of Darryl's thoughts over at the Tesla Blog.
[Source: Tesla Motors]

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