Officially Official: JDM-spec Honda S2000 Type S

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The Honda S2000 continues to hang on by a mere thread, but that doesn't mean the Japanese automaker has given up on the car entirely. We here in the States have been blessed with the S2000 Club Racer, and as we reported back in September, Japanese customers are getting their own clone of the CR in the form of S2000 Type S. Honda has made the S2000 officially official by announcing an availability date of October 25th and a starting price of ¥3.99 million or $34,870 USD. Only 100 copies of this special edition car will be made and sold exclusively in Japan.

The U.S.-spec S200 Club Racer and JDM S200 Type S are virtually identical in appearance, with the same flaired front bumper, large rear wing and special silver metallic 17-inch alloy wheels. They're only outwardly recognizable difference is the fact that the Type S is a soft top only, while the Club Racer comes with a removable aluminum hardtop. Winding Road's Japan correspondent Peter Nunn also points out that while the Club Racer is really a track car, the Type S likely features a softer suspension that's more livable and likely chuckable on windy mountain roads in the car's homeland. Like the CR, however, there have been no changes made to the S2000's high-revvin' engine. As if it needed any.

[Source: Honda via Winding Road]

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