Honda S2000 Type-S headed to Japan

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The hardcore, track-ready Honda S2000 Club Racer unveiled back in April at the New York Auto turned quite a few heads, and it looks like many of its visual cues are headed to Japan in the form of the JDM S2000 Type-S. A teaser for the S2000 Type-S is now up on the automaker's Japanese website showing the JDM car wearing the same wheels, bodywork, and rear wing as the USDM Club Racer. In contrast to the CR, however, the Type-S appears to have retained its folding soft top. The Club Racer has had that hardware removed for weight reasons and wears a cover with integrated fairings (or a removable aluminum hardtop) instead. You can compare the two cars by looking at the galleries below. The Honda Japan website doesn't give any specific Type-S details at the moment, but we grabbed screenshots of the images made available so far. Expect to see the S2000 Type-S revealed for all next month at the Tokyo Motor Show.

[Source: Honda]

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