New Ford Transit van has DPF as option

Ford is launching a renewed version of its legendary Ford Transit van (a name that been around for more than 40 years) that now includes Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) as an additional option for the smaller engines. In countries like the Netherlands or Germany, the government subsidizes the installation via retrofit or on the final prize. The new van also has standard ESP and a new 6-speed gearbox.

Engine choices range depending on payload. Because of European driver's licenses, a van like this can be driven up to a maximum weight of 3.5 tons (metric) by any driver. For higher payloads, a special trucker's license is required. Therefore the Transit can be found in a complete array of configurations, from fully enclosed panel vans, to people carriers, as well as stand-alone chassis for motorhomes or refrigerated trucks.

Engine choices are all TDCis: 2.2-liter (85 HP), a 2.4-liter (100 HP), an improved 2.2-liter that powers the SportVan (a sportier-looking van, good for 140 HP) and a 5-cylinder 3.2 liter (240 HP) for models over 3.5 tons. A 4WD version has also been announced. Prices for the SportVan are about 40,000 EUR in France.

[Source: Ford of France]

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