Volvo bringing more models out with ‘Efficiency’ branding

Along with seemingly every other automaker in the European market, Volvo is set to expand the special branding that indicates the most efficient models in each of their lines. While Volkswagen has chosen to go with the more abstract BlueMotion label and Ford is mashing up words to create ecoNetic, Volvo is keeping it simple with Efficiency. The C30 Efficiency drops into the UK market in 2008 with a CO2 emissions rating of 119 g/km and 52.2 mpg (US) from its 1.6L diesel engine. Helping the new C30 achieve these numbers will be the the usual aerodynamic tweaks and a new dual clutch transmission that will also see duty in other Ford models soon. Other Efficiency models will be getting a new 2.0L diesel along with direct-injected gas engines when they hit the streets in the near future.

[Source: Motor Authority]

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