The Sun drives the Mitsubishi MiEV and finds it acceptable

After the kids at CAR magazine were done with the Mitsubishi MiEV, the diminutive electric car paid a visit to the home of the Page 3 girls. The Sun got to spend some time in the upcoming electric and came away reasonably impressed. The lithium ion battery pack stored enough electrons to propel the car eighty miles after a seven hour charge. The Sun writer was impressed by the smooth transmission, quiet operation and even found the 14 second 0-62 mph run tolerable. Mitsubishi plans to offer up about 1,000 of these a year starting in 2010 after completing a field test of thirty cars in Tokyo beginning soon. The UK Mitsubishi importer Jim Tyrrell has already announced plans to order 500 of the cars for that market.

[Source: The Sun, thanks to Domenick for the tip]

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