Is the Corvette ZR1 in Monterey this weekend?

Well, based on the fact that BadBoyVettes has what appears to be a shot of it in its transporter, we have to wonder if that might indeed be the case. Standard-issue Z06es don't wear hood camo, nor do they rock the serious power dome clearly hiding beneath it in the photo above. Let's go into 100% speculation mode here for a moment:

  • BBV follows the C6.Rs from race to race.
  • The C6.Rs are in Monterey for the ALMS season-ender at Laguna Seca.
  • The photo above is likely the ZR1, and hence was also probably taken at Monterey.
  • The Velocity Yellow finish on the depicted car matches the C6.Rs base color.
  • We're going to go out on a limb and guess that GM's going to have the disguised ZR1 at the race.
Seriously, why not? Nissan generated mountains of buzz by trotting the masked GT-R out at places like Goodwood ahead of its reveal. Doing so with the ZR1 at an event where Corvette Racing is one of the major draws is a good way to get Corvette fans energized. Sure, we could be 100% wrong, but why else would there be a prettied-up, camouflaged car in a color that ties into the race team (and that hasn't been snapped by spy photogs yet, as far as we know) at Monterey?

Well, probably at Monterey. BadBoyVettes is such a tease. We'll have to see what happens over the weekend.


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