First plant rejects UAW-Chrysler contract

It appears that the UAW may have a tougher time getting its new four-year contract with Chrysler approved by rank-and-file members than it did with its four-year contract with General Motors. Though the General Motors contract was not approved by every single one of its plants, the general consensus seemed to be that the majority of workers were happy to accept it. The first plant to reject the UAW-Chrysler contract, however, may indicate the vote among Chrysler workers will be a nail biter. The plant in question is the St. Louis North Assembly plant, which is the automaker's third largest factory that produces the Dodge Ram and is guaranteed work in the future for producing the next-gen Ram. Nevertheless, The Detroit News reports that the plant tanked the new contract by an 81% margin. That said, workers at the Kenosha engine plant have also approved the contract by an 82% margin. It just goes to show that there appears to be little consensus among Chrysler's UAW workers about the contract, and that voting will vary significantly among each plant. But if a plant that's guaranteed work doesn't like the new contract, how will the ones that have a less than certain future vote?
[Source: The Detroit News]

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