Corvette ZR1 sighted on track at Laguna Seca, but not unveiled

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Turns out that the rumors were true and the Corvette ZR1 was in attendance at Laguna Seca Raceway this evening. The Blue Devil, however, was wearing the same Velocity Yellow color as its racing brethren, as well as the familiar black coverings we've seen in so many spy photos that cover the most interesting parts.

The ZR1, however, was not officially unveiled as some reports suggested. Motor Trend reports that the car was trotted out onto the track, did a couple hot laps, and was loaded back on the trailer and left, presumably back to Detroit. It was fairly uneventful and we didn't see anything we haven't seen before, but perhaps Motor Trend can sell its pics to Jalopnik for $1,000 and make some money for its trouble.

Click HERE to view the much sought after pic of the Corvette ZR1 lapping Laguna Seca.

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