Ford says parts for cruise control recall delayed

Hang on just a little longer if you've got a Ford with the self-immolating cruise control option. Since the recall was announced in August, there's been a run on service departments, leading to a shortage of fused wiring harnesses for the passenger cars involved in the effort. The SUVs and pickups haven't had any supply problems, so it's just people with the honor of still owning such gems as mid 1990s Panther platform vehicles, Lincoln Mark VIIIs, Neff's favorite '93-'95 SHO, and everyone's halo car, the '94 Mercury Capri. The only word on parts availability, which was supposed to be October, is that they'll arrive sometime later this year. Plenty of time for your DN5 SHO to burn completely to the ground.

[Source: Detroit News]

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