Toyota recalling 471,827 vehicles in Japan

You know what happens when it rains: it pours. Right on the heels of Toyota taking a minor beating at the hands of Consumer Reports while claiming it carries nary a scratch, the Japanese automaker is recalling eight passenger car models made as far back as September 1999 for various faults. Some of the cars need parts swapped out in the fuel control system and pipes, some have malfunctioning fuel pumps, and some have steering systems with defective components. In Japan, the recall amounts to 471,827 cars, with another 680 cars sent to five export countries that needed to be fixed.

Toyota was given an official reprimand last year by the transport ministry when Japanese police accused the carmaker of knowingly ignoring a problem in one of its SUVs. In light of its well publicized recalls on this side of the Pacific, it's no surprise why the company has also been working to publicize its efforts to restore the reputation that helped get it where it is today.

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[Source: Yahoo!]

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