eBay find of the day: 100% electric 1968 Bradley GT2

Need an electric car with style? Hop on over to eBay, where a seller in Dickinson, Texas is hawking his latest garage creation: a 100 percent electric 1968 Bradley GT2. The seller, according to the description, has been converting cars to electric power and then selling them to raise money for school. This particular vehicle hasn't been through a lot of testing (he estimates it's only been driven for about 10 miles with the new electric motor), but it does come with:
  • ADC #FB1-4001A 9.1" 72-144VDC 19HP Double Shaft motor
  • Curtis 1231C controller
  • Xantrex battery monitor with 500 volt prescaler and ammeter shunt
  • A 108 volt deep cycle battery bank (and a 12-volt accessory battery)
  • New speedometer
  • New AM/FM/CD player
  • A keypad starter kill (the right code must be typed into the keypad before the car will start).
Currently at no bids, with a starting price of US $9,999.00. Charger not included.

[Source: eBay, thanks to Joseph L.]

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