Mulally (again) professes faith in Mercury

Every product forecast for FoMoCo shows new products for Ford and Lincoln, but other than the Milan Hybrid, the shelf is bare for Mercury. To make the situation more dire, sales are down 11-percent this year, and last year was the worst for the beleaguered waterfall in 44 years. Regardless of the grim statistics for Mercury, CEO Allan Mulally insists that there is a place for Mercury at the Blue Oval. Mulally sees a "great set of products" at Mercury, but the 1,900 Mercury dealers must be wondering when help is on the way.
We'd love to see a Saturn-like situation at Mercury, where Euro products come to the States donning the waterfall grille. Failing that, without products differentiated further from their Ford counterparts, Mercury is destined to fade off into the sunset whether Ford wants to keep the brand or not.

[Source: Automotive News - Sub. Req.]

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