Klaus Beutler's futuristic custom BMW looks rather, uh... painful to ride!

Klaus Beutler, the owner and builder of the attention-getting bike you see above, describes his custom BMW R1100GS as futuristic and aggressive. We suppose that those two adjectives are as good as any because in all honesty, we are at a loss for words when it comes to describing this one-of-a-kind bike. Pretty much all of the custom touches that went into this bike are on the surface; the mechanical bits remain mostly stock. In fact, the only modifications to the running gear are a cut-down stock exhaust system, open air filters and smaller-diameter wheels and tires from the newer K1200S. This project was apparently started after the bike was involved in a small accident. The radical design is intentionally (and eye-catchingly) over-the-top so that passers-by stop and take notice. Beutler owns a body shop and painting business in Germany and the bike is intended to bring in business... and we bet it's successful. No matter what your opinion of the end result, you must surely recognize the amount of work that went into it and that it was executed well.

As a parting note -- take a look at that seat. Ouch! Is it just us or does that particular proboscis look like an operating utensil straight out of an alien abductee's worst nightmare? NURSE!!!

[Source: Web Bike World]

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