Spy Shots: Maserati Quattroporte facelift

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that, but it'd take something really spectacular to make a car like the Maserati Quattroporte look anything but elegant. The company's new GranTurismo, itself based on the sedan, managed to do a good job of making its four-door stable-mate pale by comparison, so it should come as no big surprise that the Trident marque is preparing a mid-cycle facelift.

According to these spy shots, the bulk of the visual updates will be on the front, where the grille, (all but non-existent) bumper and headlights are tipped to be reshaped. Also expect a few minor changes to the rear bumper, but that should about do it.

Don't mess too much with a beautiful thing, Maser.

[Source: EVO]

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