Click the image above for more high-res pics of the Volkswagen Slipstream.

The Car: Volkswagen's people car ethos has a downside: everyone has a car – and it's even worse in 2057. In an effort to combat the unimaginably dense future, VW has taken a page out of Toyota's book and created an autonomous vehicle that houses one occupant in glorious, muscle-atrophying conveyance. The Volkswagen Slipstream, apparently designed in conjunction with the water-peddling folks at Aquafina (now a multi-quadrillion euro corp.) will stand upright when toddling around at low speeds, and once you've hopped on the motorway in one of the designated "Slipstream" lanes, you can roll along at over 250 mph lying down, with only a duo of wheels and set of rear fins preventing an untimely demise. The aerodynamic shape of the tapered top, partnered with the aforementioned fins, keeps rolling resistance at a minimum, with power provided by "hyper-efficient" solar panels.

The Future According to Volkswagen: Living off a diet of tofu curd and State-mandated, iron-rich Aquafina, the masses have become incredibly thin, and hence, lightweight. The combination of a new source of nourishment and the splicing of alien DNA into our being have negated the need for overblown crash standards that would otherwise increase the weight of our vehicles. Our bones are thicker, our muscles stronger and our brains have adapted to allow unprecedented levels of hand-eye coordination. A particularly good thing, since the licensing age for the Slipstream was just dropped down to four.

Weirdness Factor (1 – I can but that today, 10 – OMG WTF): 7

The annual LA Auto Show Design Challenge entries have been revealed and we'll be showing off the entire series today on Autoblog. The challenge's theme this year is "Robocar 2057" and we think each team tells a story with their design of how that particular manufacturer views the future in 50 years. We'll tell you those stories, which are entirely fictional, written by us and not associated with the actual automakers involved in any way, as we introduce you to the cars, and at the end of the day we'll have an unofficial poll to crown our own winner.

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